Motorsport in the UK: more affordable and accessible than ever before

Motorsport in the UK is not just for a privileged minority. Thanks to a series of innovative initiatives and club and community-driven projects, it is now more accessible and affordable than ever, with a season of competition possible for less than £1000.  

Motorsport UK has made significant strides in broadening accessibility with efforts to make the sport inclusive for all, reducing the costs and complexity associated with participation and has broadened the range of grass roots disciplines available.  

In 2023, the UK’s network of 676 motor clubs hosted 3,930 events across the country, offering entry points for enthusiasts of all ages, including the 70,000 UK competition licence holders. There are plenty of opportunities for people who want to get involved, including volunteer positions at every level within the club network. 

Motorsport UK’s StreetCar programme was introduced in 2022 to open doors to the club community, break perceptions and encourage more people to get behind the wheel. Disciplines covering autotest, car trials, cross-country and road rallying can be tackled with a standard unmodified road car and a free RS Clubman licence available online.  

With no special equipment to purchase, or car preparation required, the costs of tackling a StreetCar event can be as low as the entry fee of around £30, plus fuel and expenses. 

“The UK leads the world when it comes to motorsport accessibility, both in terms of the number of options available up and down the country and the price of taking part,” said Claire Kirkpatrick, Head of Club and Community Development at Motorsport UK.  

“It’s never been more straightforward or affordable to get involved. People are often surprised that, as well as spectating, they can take the wheel themselves and enjoy a full season of racing using their standard road car for not much more than the price of a tank of fuel each month.”  

The upcoming National Motorsport Week (11-21 July) celebrates the UK’s position as a world leader in motorsport and the ease at which people can get involved. As part of this year’s campaign, Motorsport UK has mobilised its national network of motor clubs to extend opportunities for novices and first-timers.   

“By correcting misconceptions about cost and accessibility, our goal is to break down any barriers to entry and demonstrate that motorsport is for everyone,” Kirkpatrick added. “Whether you’re an aspiring driver, marshal or race organiser, there’s a place for you in the UK motorsport community.”