From working in the industry and finding likeminded communities to having a go in your everyday road car, finding your perfect discipline or volunteering and experiencing unforgettable moments, there are many opportunities and programmes that will enable you to start your journey in the sport beyond National Motorsport Week.

Get Started

Find your drive with Motorsport UK’s getting started website

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Motorsport Industry Association

The trade association for the industry, providing opportunities to start your career

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Motorsport in your everyday road car across 12 easy to start disciplines

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FIA Girls on Track UK

Join the community and find likeminded members and event opportunities

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F1 Academy Discover Your Drive

For 8-12 year olds starting in karting, find your next taster day

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Find your calling through a variety of unique and inspiring opportunities

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British Indoor Kart Championships

The largest global motorsport championship with 5.5K participants, sign-up today

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Join the Motorsport UK Esports Community

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Unlock your potential and join the Motorsport UK Coach Development pathway

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